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April 2024

A Blue $50K BTO Reno With Eclectic Patterns Sprinkled Throughout The Home

Featured Article by Uchify

Most home renos in Singapore have trended towards white backgrounds– some even make their entire homes white—so seeing this all-blue home feels very refreshing. And this $50K blue BTO reno definitely does serve as a rich monochromatic backdrop for all the features that add a fun, eclectic character to the place.


January 2024

This $35K 3-Room HDB Reno In Kampong Kayu Is A Blend Of Modern Sensibilities & Nostalgic Whimsy

Featured Article by Uchify

When we think rustic, we tend to think of wood-heavy farmhouses, or fairytale-like cottagecore interiors. But perhaps comforting, lived-in homeliness doesn’t have to be pastoral in quality. At $35K, this 3-room HDB renovation in Kampong Kayu by interior design firm Comfort Home Interior combines vintage furniture and choice materials to take this home back to an equally rosy, cosy version of simpler times.


January 2024

This 3-Storey Cluster House in Holland is a Hi-Tech Tropical Retreat

Featured Article by Qanvast

A next-level abode most of us can only dream of.
While a cluster house is a rare property type here, that’s not all that makes this home at Holland Road a special one.
“The homeowners like unique layouts and are daring, so the layout of this home gave them the freedom to explore features they were interested in,” shares Anson (from Comfort Home Interior), the designer who took on the task of renovating this home.

August 2023

This Couple Hacked All Their Walls & Doors To Transform Their HDB Into A Traditional Japanese Townhouse

Featured Article by Uchify

ComfortHomeInterior, led by Natasha and Felix, transformed a standard 4-room HDB flat into a dark, moody Japanese townhouse, maintaining traditional Japanese design elements with their in-house carpentry workshop. The renovation took only 6 months, with a focus on shoji door designs and close communication with the carpenters to meet the couple's expectations.

Written by Uchify

May 2022

We Spent $36K On Our 4-Room BTO Renovation:

Here's Our Scandi-Boho Result

Featured Blog by StackedHomes

Minimalistic approach while incorporating Boho touch.

Couple aimed for a design that didn't strictly adhere to a single style but allowed us to incorporate their beloved elements. Natasha, our interior architect mentioned that they added personal touches wherever possible, such as creating a cheerful Toy Story wardrobe room and office, along with a Peanuts-themed kitchen.

Written by Stacked

February 2022

This 5-Room Resale Flat Now Looks Like A Stunning Bali Resort Villa After An $80K Renovation

Featured Article by TodayOnline

An interview with one of our interior architect, Phelix
Successfully transformed an old 33-year-old flat into a charming, earthy, and warm space with resort vibes within a $80,000 budget in three-and-a-half months.

Written by Today Online
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